We’re almost half-way through the 2018 ICSCC racing season and getting ready for the second IRDC race, the 2018 Summer Classic at Pacific Raceways!

With that, we want to announce a new program aimed at better appreciating the time and effort given by our event volunteers and encourage others to join.  The following program live effective immediately and in-place for the remaining IRDC races in 2018 and for 2019.


Each full 8-hour day a person volunteers, they will receive one (not both) of the following:

  • $75 Credits Toward IRDC Driving Events: These credits will be issued via discount codes to be used on Motorsportreg.com.
    • Credits will be valid for 12 months after issuance.
    • Credits can be gifted to someone else – for example, a family member of a driver can volunteer and give them their discount code.
    • Credits must be earned first and then used in a subsequent event (one exception is described below).
    • Credits will be given, via email up to 7 days after the event.
    • Credits will be valid for any IRDC driving event (Driving School, HPDE, TnT or Race).
  • $75 Amazon Gift Cards
    • Gift cards can be used like a regular Amazon Gift Card (because that is what it is 🙂 ).
    • Gift cards will be valid as long as the normal terms of Amazon gift cards.
    • Gift cards will be issued in person after the volunteer day is completed or via email up to 7 days after the event.


  • The historical gas credit given to volunteers who travel greater than 100 miles to attend the event, remains in place.
  • There will be a maximum of $500 in combined incentives given to an individual volunteer.
  • If you want to drive on a Friday HPDE/TnT and are going to volunteer the same Saturday and/or Sunday, we can accommodate by first having you register and pay for Friday driving event and then we will refund the corresponding amount after volunteer work is completed.
  • Board and Director positions are not eligible for this program for the duties that correspond with their positions.  i.e. The Race Chair does not receive any of the above credits for their work as Race Chair.  However, if they also volunteer to man a corner station, they are eligible for the credits.
  • Novices completing work requirements for senior license are not eligible.

How to get signed up?

For every driving event, we have a volunteer registration on motorsportreg.com.  For example, here is the link to the 2018 Summer Classic Volunteer Registration.

We will use the names on the registrations to keep track and issue credits.

This is just one of the ways in which we are making IRDC the best place to be and connect with people if you’re passionate about motorsports, driving or not!

Let us know if you have any questions, tell your friends and family and looking forward to seeing you all at the track!