If you want to drive on a race track in the Seattle area (HPDE, sprint or endurance racing), come join IRDC.

  • IRDC hosts driving events at Pacific Raceways and The Ridge Motorsports Park.
  • IRDC events include run groups for HPDE/Track Day, sprint races and endurance races at each of our race weekends.
  • Many members of IRDC are non-drivers. These include people who provide the support necessary to put on our race events: turn workers, communicators, timing and scoring personnel, technical inspectors and many other volunteers. There is a place for everyone. The only prerequisite is a love of high-performance driving and sports-car racing.
  • Volunteers are needed on any race weekend. Watch racing up close and even includes a free lunch! Attend a General Meeting or contact one of the club officers. We can always use your help and expertise both on and off the track.
  • Volunteers also receive $25 Amazon Gift Cards for each day of volunteering, money for gas based on distance traveled and even credits towards entry fees at any of our driving events.
  • You will receive our newsletter

Please feel free to contact any of the officers listed for more information or just download membership form IRDC Membership Application and mail or email to Phil Edwards per instructions on the form. If you sign up for the Driver’s School, your membership is included at no additional cost.

For questions regarding membership in IRDC, contact Phil Edwards

If you’d like to find out about starting racing, visit our Driver School page.