The July 2018 meeting was held as a tele-conference due to the 4th of July holiday conflicting with our normal, first Wednesday of each month cadence.  Below are the minutes from the meeting.

IRDC General Membership/Board Meeting Conference Call

 July 3, 2018

Meeting called to order by Gama at 6:35 PM.

Present:  Dick Boggs, Lee and Marie Fejellanger, Karl Seeger, Kristi Bennitt, Gary Hallberg, Gama Aguilar, Mark Higinbotham, Jennifer Higginbotham, Dave Weller.

President:  Gama gave a report on his 12 Hour race at Imola, 57 total cars, BMW 335, in the slowest class.  Very well put-on and organized, talked with the organiziers and they are barely making it,use as many volunteers as possible but can’t cover costs with entry fees and have to have a tire sponsor ,Hancook.  Still a thing of passion.  Instead of full course yellows they use purple flags that say code 60, which requires all cars to not exceed 60 kilometers per hour on the race course and by noting lap times can hand out penalties.  It keeps racing going and you keep lap position.  Scotty White has reached out to most all ICSCC Club presidents in an effort to better co-ordinate race dates for  2019 and try to elminate the conflicts of race weeends on top of each other as happened this year.  He would also like to have joint race with IRDC.  A long discussion followed about the problems of a joint race,  who is in charge, insurace, difference in rule sets and the past history of SCCA National dictating to the regions what they can accomplish.

Vice President: Nothing to report.

Secretary:  First order of business is the approval of the May 2 meeting minutes, Approved With no meeting in June, all officers sumitted reports on line and I have printed them and they are archived.  I would ask someone with move skill than I who can take those emailed reports and submit them to One drive .  Gamma offered to do it.

Treasurer:  Chuck sent his report and we are solvent.  Didn’t notice race entry revenue and when it will hit the books.  Chuck has respondedto Gama with location of that amount on the report by email.  There was mention of need for a budget so that with a race weekend we know what to expect and what goes over budget.

Race Chairmen:  Almost all of the check list is complete.  Jennifer will follow up on the gate people.  Will need help on pre-grid.  Gamma to cover the food as done last time.  Will need a new sound guy next year.  Will need someone cover TNT, Dave may or may not be available on Friday, Gama was to show Dave. Big shout out to Skip for all the the work done on our equipment.  Everything with Sovren went well, will need to charge Sovren for grease sweep and gas. We are missing 2 tow straps and Skip has probably taken care of that.  Skip is doing an Awsome job. Review of numbers for the race by Kristi.  Discussion of Dave’s surgury date, Kristi will let us know of his capacity to do the TNT.

Old Business:  Worker Incentives:  Long discussion of the proposal which was approved and  will be included with these minutes for your review. Gama emailed the propsal again during the meeting

New Business: Race Preparation:  Saturaday and Sunday are covered, we have no competing events. Scheduling of a  Worker training day was discussed and the need to co-rdinate with othe ICSCC Clubs, SCCA and Sovren.  Gama asked Jennifer to take the lead on it to gather info and see what can be done.  Karl offered to talk to Pacific and the Ridge about a possible free day for training workers.  Beef and Mark can possible provide an outline of what was done last time.  We have gotten very possitive feed back from our long time workers that our last traing was superior to what has been done recently.

Good of the Order:  Grid stripping at 45 degree angle done at Pacific for the Sovren event and looks great.  Need to change refence name on the  website so that request for information are directed to Gama. Discussion about Conference call meetings and the requirement to have general membership meeting and the need to meet with the membership. Long discussion about car shows and car corrals at our races.

Motion to Ajourn:  7:50 PM