IRDC General Membership/Board Meeting

 February 7, 2018

Meeting called to order by Gama at 6:30 PM.

Present:  Dick Boggs, Lee and Marie Fejellanger, Karl Seeger, Chuck Arnold, Kristi Bennitt, Jack Scher, Phil Edwards, Gary Hallberg, Andy Collins, Ryan Martin, Skip Russell, Mirko Firguila, Mark Higinbotham, Gary Amundson. Bill Ecker, Gama Aguilar, John Moore.

Officers Reports:  President:  Thank you for making it out, will have Officers reports, Chair reports and then old business, 3 proposals with regard to member growth, retention and worker participation..  New business, take care of equipmrnt rental rates, new training director and new food czar.  Andy Collins will be here to tell us what is new from the PIR.  We also have a new guest, who introduced himsel as interested in Spec Miata, Gary Amundson.

Vice President: Absent

Secretary:  The minutes of January 3rd were emailed to all interested parties on January 4 and 8 copies were pasted out tonight for review.  The contents of the thumb drive that has all minutes and history for many years was transfered to One drive.  I will continue to email the minutes to all interested parties on my list and forward minutes to one drive and the thumb drive upon approval.  Approved

Treasurer:  Chuck pasted out 3 pages of detail reports, which will go in the archives.  We are solvent.  Approved

Chair Reports: Eboard:  Rats meeting March 10th, Emergency plan will be put together by Bill, Karl, and Bruce and have it ready at the Rats meeting.

Race Chairman:  The schedule is done but want it reviewed by several people and need the memo due dates published to get it done.  In process of getting a 5 year contract with Medic one.  Lost mines will cover our Friday events.  Unless we have sponsors for our May race it looks like it will be Tribute to the volunteers and will need raffle items for the workers.  Need to beg, borrow and steal what ever we can to raffle off.  Think about special items/events and get word to Gama or Karl.  Will be doing price review for our events and look at the packages for the Ridge.  Have emailed all the volunteers, Ken will not be available for May but only one event over laps with a Portland event will have a pace car problem.  In May neither Gail or Holly are available.  Bruce and Linda are still with us .  Will attend the Rats meeting and see what I can do to get things covered.  Perhaps we can get Bob Mearns.  With regard to worker training Beef did an excellant job when we put that on in 2016. Need co-operation to put on training just not one club.  Worker training is set for March 17th.  Any leads on sponsorships whould be appreciated.  Discussion of a review of needed race documents needed, incident/track reports/etc. and the need to inventory and get our request to HQ so they can be picked up at the Rats meeting.

Tech:  Nothing

Chief Driving Instructer: Basics are in place for a smooth transition.  Need to get it on MSR as soon as possible and publize it in all our media outlets.  Working on communication calender and Slack.  Andy said that he will communicate with Bill Ecker our new Chief Driving Instrucer and get a notice in the Sovren publication for our April and July Schools.

Old Business: Last meeting there were 3 programs proposed for membership and growth.  These were taken from an email send and may have been refined to some degree.

2018 IRDC Member Growth and Retention Program Proposal Background As has been reported at the fall ICSCC banquet and November IRDC club meeting, while total entries bounced back in 2017, IRDC is shrinking in terms of the member base. The churn rate is unsustainable in that we are losing more members than we are gaining new members and relying on the shrinking member base to simply race more. This is not a viable long-term option. The intent of this program, for 2018 is to turn this around by attracting new IRDC members and retaining a larger % of our existing members, year over year.

Proposal There are two main components to this program:

  1. Get HPDE drivers involved and incentivized to take school Along with the recently approved schedule to hold an HPDE component every Test and Tune Friday and a competition driving school on April 21st and July 20th, we will add the following component:
  2. Recommendation: Every HPDE participant, who volunteers at an IRDC race for a complete day, gets 1 entry (per volunteer day), to attend the following IRDC competition driving school, for free. For example, if an HPDE driver during the April HDPE event, volunteers on Saturday and Sunday of the May Pacific Raceways event, they get two (2) entries into a raffle, to do the July competition driving school, for free. The same would apply for volunteering at the July or September races, to be applied towards the April 2019 racing schools.
  3. 2. IRDC Member Loyalty Program Loyalty programs are a commonly used tool by companies to attract and retain their customers. There are several tactics that are used by the programs but ultimately most are built on these member benefit foundations:
  4. a. Recognition: Members are recognized for their continued service and loyalty, usually with a simple ‘Member since [Year]’ designation on their membership card.  Recommendation: After the September 2018 Ridge race, we will calculate and give “Service Tenure Awards” for members who have been with IRDC for 5 years, 10, years, 20 years and 25 years. • These awards will be announced prior to the end of the calendar year and handed out at the IRDC awards banquet.
  5. b. Rewards: Members are rewarded for their contributions to the organization. These contributions can be in the form of buying something, sharing an event, referring someone else to the club or volunteering – all of which gives the member ‘points’ of some sort, which can be redeemed for something of value. For example, at Red Robin, when you sign up for their loyalty program (which is free), you get $20 towards your tab if you visit a restaurant 5 times in 5 weeks. For every 10 entrée items you buy, you get the next entrée item, for free. This math equates to about a 5-10% monetary value return to the member, for their purchases. e.g. They spent about $120 total ($12/entree x 10 entrees) and on the next purchase, they get 1 entrée ($12 value) for free ($12/120 = 10%). I.
  6. Recommendation: Every IRDC member driver who enters all 2018 IRDC races, as the primary entrant, paying for at least the first entry, will get 150 IRDC Bucks, which can be used towards an entry for 2019. • Being a co-driver as part of a mini-Enduro entry does not count. • Cannot be combined with any other offer. • Redemption can only be for a TnT or Race entry (not HPDE). • Rewards cannot be transferred. • Rewards expire at the end of the following year (2019). Estimated Costs and ROI In 2017, out of 225 total unique drivers, 30 IRDC member drivers (25% of the IRDC 2017 member base). If this program would have been implemented for 2018, based on 2017 entries, this will cost us $4,500 in 2018 entry revenue, assuming all 30 drivers were to redeem their rewards. The hypothesis is that this would increase the number of people who register for all four IRDC races and that the drivers who redeem their rewards, will also have a second entry as part of their race weekend. Using the 30 driver’s data from 2017, to cover the $4,500 loss in entry revenue, we would have needed only four (4) additional drivers to enter all four (4) IRDC races in 2019, which is very achievable. How we’ll know this worked (Key Performance Indicators) Metric Goal Impact of this program Notes Total HPDE entries +50% Total IRDC driver members +15% HDPE volunteers at IRDC races 3 per day # of Unique drivers who enter all IRDC races +30% for IRDC +15% for non-IRDC.  In reviewing my notes only number 6 was Approved, the other proposals will be refined and reviewed at the next meeting.

Equipment Rental rates for 2018;  Rental rates on the Box truck of $500 and $50 for the pickups for the week end.  Motion made and approved.

Food Czar:  Needed and no names coming forward.

NewBusiness:  Motion made and approved for Bill Ecker to be our new Chief Driving Instructer.

Good of the Order: Need out of date lap belts for the pickup trucks that carry workers in the seats in the pickup bed that are the snap on type.  At the awards Banquet the following awards were given:  Driver of the Year, Scott Morton, IRDC Novice of the Year, Mary Zeitner, Lifetime Achievement Award Bob Mearns, Volunteer and Communicator of the year, Ryan Martin, Frank Manley Award,Karl Seegar, Phillips Cup, Rick and Linda Bostrom, Crew of the Year, All our race volunteers, Robert McDaniels Award, Dick Boggs, Chateau Bonzo , Jack Scher will keep it for another year

Motion to Adjourn approved: 7:42PM




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