There are a range of options from full hands off arrive and drive to full hands-on ownership. Every racer has to consider their budget, available time, available infrastructure and mechanical skills Within “arrive and drive” there are probably as many variants as there are racers. Variables include, but are not limited to – car ownership, car transport, car storage, car maintenance, on track support level, coaching, and so on. For the hands-on folks (which is probably the majority of racers) there are considerations besides your car. You’ll need a trailer, a tow vehicle, tools, and you’ll need somewhere to store these things, and work on your car. Even the most diehard racers depend on a variety of shops to do major repairs while handling regular maintenance themselves (fluids and brakes for example).

One important aspect to racing is that we are a community. Few of us are born knowing a gusset plate from a giubo or what the torque spec is for that bolt on the suspension. This is where the community comes into play. The key is finding the community for your car and the best way to do that is check out who is driving what at the racetrack. In the meantime, check out the resources on this page for a variety of the car class communities that send cars to race with ICSCC. Some of these are national groups and others are more Conference specific, but no matter, you will find helpful and likeminded enthusiasts who are ready to help.