These jobs are spelled out in detail in the Conference Competiton Regulations under section 4, Race Administration. There are “Conference” roles, and “Club” roles which indicates which entity provides the role.

  • Conference Race Steward
    • Attends ALL races. Responsible for all aspects of racing rules and safe conduct.
  • Conference Assistant Race Steward
    • Attends ALL races assists the Race Steward.
  • Conference License Director
    • Approves all credentials. Manages novice development. Attends ALL races.
  • Conference License Registrar
    • Issues approved credentials. Manages guaranteed car numbers.
  • Conference Noise Control Officer
    • Attends ALL races. Monitors sound at the track. Can be provided by the host club.
  • Club Race Chairman
    • Attends ALL CLUB races. Responsible for all aspects of the organization of the event..
  • Club Chief Technical Inspector
    • Attends ALL CLUB races. Issues tech stickers and logbook sign-off assuring that cars and driver equipment satisfies the safety requirements spelled out in the rules.
  • Club Starter
    • Controls the race from griding up to all cars off the course.
  • Club Course Marshal
    • Responsible for course preparation and maintenance. In practice this means setting cones for the braking zones as required and for distributing and retrieving flag station equipment.
  • Turn Marshals (Personnel)
    • Attends for the entire weekend. Flagging and communications. Reports to Chief of Flags.
  • Course Physician
    • Typically, this role is contract to an emergency medical provider/ambulance service.
  • Club Pit Marshal
    • Enforces pit rules. Responsible to the Race Chairman.
  • Club Registrar
    • Manages race entries and provides pertinent information to race officials.
  • Chief Scorer
    • Ensures the accuracy of the results and maintains the points totals for the season.
  • Pre-Grid Personnel
    • Gets cars gridded up in their proper positions and assists in ensuring drivers are ready to go out on track.
  • Club Weigh Master (Scales)
    • Set up and operates scales according to the direction of the Race Steward and Race Chair.
  • Club Radio Officer
    • Sets up and operates radio communications for the weekend. All turn stations, point, race steward, race chair, and pre-grid will have radio communication available.

Additional Race Weekend roles not spelled out in conference regulations

Food Czar: Works with the Race Chair and Treasurer to contract with the Track to provide lunches for volunteers and the Dinner Social on Saturday evening. Supervises the track concessions vendor to ensure that lunches are provided in a timely manner for turn workers. Takes a couple of hours prior to the race weekend and about one hour at the track.

Beverage Czar: Provides water for volunteer personnel (cases of bottled water) and a cooler full of pop and beer at the end of the day on Sunday for the volunteer personnel. About 1 hour to pick up the beverages from Costco and distribute in the mornings and Sunday afternoon.

Social Media Managers: Grab your smartphone and/or fancy camera and help us share what’s happening over the race weekend with driving and racing fans who aren’t able to make it in-person.  We’re looking for a couple of energetic individuals to show up to the race weekends, take pictures/videos and keep our social media channels pumped up with the latest from the race weekend.

Test and Tune Lead: an experienced racer and who has participated test and tune days on track.  This job partners with the hired turn-worker company to ensure we have a schedule for the day, the day operates to that schedule and address any incidents that may come up.

Registration Support: Assist in checking driver credentials, process offline payments, make copies and keep drivers in line. This job usually takes a 1-2 hour commitment in the morning. (A dry position even on the wettest of race weekends) 

Drivers Services Support: Make copies of session results, communicate with timing and scoring, assist with trophy display and distribution, etc. This position can be done by multiple people in a weekend. Minimum commitment is 1 hour. (A dry position even on the wettest of race weekends with this position)