Message to Students attending IRDC High Performance Driving School

Welcome!  Thanks for signing up for the IRDC Driver’s School.   I hope you have a positive experience during the school.  Successful completion enables you to apply for an International Conference of Sports Car Clubs (ICSCC aka ‘Conference’) Novice License.  Please be aware that not all ICSCC race events have separate Novice run groups.  That means your first Novice race maybe with very experienced drivers.  Because of this, our instructors may state you need more on track experience.  If that is the case, please do not take offense.  The instructor has your, and your fellow competitor’s well-being in consideration.

Things to consider before the event

  • You need to be at the track no later than 7:30am to sign in and meet your instructor
    • Take in consideration traffic in Puget Sound on a Friday.
    • Track Tour starts at 7:55
  • Fill your car with Fuel needed for all four on track sessions and the Mock Start BEFORE getting to the track, you will not have time to leave the track and re-fuel. 
  • In between on track sessions we will meet for classroom sessions
  • Bring a Lunch.  Same as above, a full day to say the least with a flag demonstration at lunch
  • Water will be provided. Be sure to hydrate during the day.
  • Bring extra clothes and any other items you might need.
  • Get to bed early on Thursday!  Friday will be a long day and we need you at your Best!
  • Car Preparation- Your car needs to be in top shape
    • See the Tech Sheet, use it as a guide to ensure your car is in good working order
    • The Tech sheet is not an end all.
      • Brake Pads!  Your pads will get a work out.  Fresh fluid and pads are always a good idea.
      • Tires!  If you have a street car and street tires, set your pressure cold at the minimum what your manufacture recommends. No guarantee that air will be available at the track.
      • Get all the loose stuff out of your car.
      • Your instructor or other IRDC club member will Tech your car. 
    • If you have any questions, please call me before the event

Have a Fun Safe Day!

Steve Barnes

IRDC Chief Driving Instructor


About IRDC

IRDC was founded in 1970 and is part of ICSCC. ICSCC is made up of member clubs like IRDC that provide drivers and volunteers a system of self-determination regarding how road racing takes place in the PNW. This bottom-up control of our sport is unique with respect to other organizations such as SCCA and NASA. IRDC is a volunteer run organization. As you get more involved, we hope you will be able to give back to our sport. For more information see Volunteers at IRDC.