IRDC Lifetime Achievement Award

This is a very special award that includes a lifetime membership in IRDC and a lifetime “pit pass” to all IRDC races. Several candidates may be selected for this award in any given year, but an individual can only win the award once in his/her lifetime.

The President of IRDC will solicit nominations in the October, November and December Newsletters, as well as, at the General Membership Meetings. Each nomination will include a written reason for nomination and a “biography” of the candidate’s involvement with IRDC and racing. The final decision for this award will be made by the President of IRDC. Consultation with previous recipients and or members of the Board of Directors is appropriate but not required.

Criteria for selection: Extraordinary efforts in promoting IRDC, ICSCC and racing in the Northwest.

Past winners:

  • 2018: Bruce Boyd
  • 2017: Bob Mearns
  • John McDermott
  • Ward Betts
  • Dick Boggs
  • Scott Morton
  • Gary Hallberg
  • 2009: Dennis Peters