I’ve never driven a car on track!

Well, you’ve come to right place because that’s where we all started. Most club racers get their start in HPDE (High Performance Driver Education) programs. IRDC and our sister clubs run driver training programs where you receive 1:1 coaching in your car. There are also an abundance of car clubs and other programs that offer track day programs however if your goal is racing, we strongly recommend a program that is oriented to getting you on grid.

Groups like HOD, Turn2, Audi Club, BMW CCA, PCA NWR etc. are great avenues for exploring track driving in your streetcar. But track driving is not racing.

The schools referenced below will not only help you get your streetcar out on track, but they can prepare you to pursue your Race License. 

I’ve done track days. What’s next?

Track days are a fantastic way to develop car control skills. Racing is the next step with its own rules and additional skills.

Mastering yourself and car on track at speed can lead to pursuing a Competition license. Just as your state driver’s license certifies your understanding of the rules of the road, your competition license certifies that you can race safely and that you understand the rules governing the sport. To earn this license your next step is to successfully complete a race school that qualifies you for a Novice License application with ICSCC (aka Conference). 

I have race experience; Do I need a license?

Everyone needs a license. If you already hold a license from a recognized body (SCCA, SOVREN, NASA, IMSA, FIA) Conference will honor those.

Drivers with other wheel-to-wheel race experience (Lucky Dog, ChumpCar, etc.) can work with the ICSCC license director to determine if a license can be issued. While not a guarantee of a fast track to a license, it can help.

Your racing resume is another avenue to help determine license readiness. The races you’ve driven, with links to video footage builds a picture of your skills and familiarity with tracks, safety requirements and etiquette.

The  novice handbook is another resource for potential conference racers by outlining what is expected of our racers.

Check List to Licensing

Note: The physical is not required for a novice application or an Area license application. Only senior/gold licenses require a physical. Area licenses are only good for ICSCC events.