In Conference there are more than 30 active classes of cars that race in up to 6 different groups. If you’re new to racing the Class and Group structure can be daunting. READ ON! The goal of each class is to offer a season long championship competition amongst similarly capable cars. Some classes like Spec Miata (SM) and PRO3 are very narrowly defined while others like CT4 (Conference Touring 4) are broader. The goal is to create a place to race for all cars. The groups are arranged according to the number of cars expected in each class and according to the performance of each class so as to minimize speed differences of the on the track.

Some racers are fully committed to a particular car and are happy with only a small handful of cars to compete against while others seek those classes with larger car counts providing opportunities to race against drivers with a variety of skill levels matching their own.

For others the choice of car is dictated by the budget with different running costs for each car. This is applies to rentals too! Regardless of what you choose to race we recommend that new drivers talk to lots of people and get behind the wheel of the cars you’re thinking about racing if at all possible. The best way to do this is to look at renting. The best way to find rentals is to ask around by coming to the track on a race weekend.

Some people will have their choice influenced by their track day car. At this point you probably already know that most track day cars are not ready to become race cars. Most track day cars are still road legal while most race cars are no longer road legal.

Some of you will wonder about building a race car. Of course, it is done all the time, but it a time consuming and costly process. Buying a race-ready, or nearly race-ready car is almost always more economical.  

One last piece of wisdom. For the right price – all race cars are for sale!

These classes have had the most entries in recent seasons.


Conference Touring 4

Spec Miata

Super Production M

Spec E46

B Sport Racer

Club Ford

E Improved Production 

Super Sport Touring