HPDE Lapping Day Information

The HP Lapping group is open to all experienced drivers who are not interested in acquiring an ICSCC Novice race license, but would like to enjoy a day of sport driving. Drivers in this group must have experience driving at Pacific Raceway, have recently attended a driving school and been signed off to drive solo. Must provide proof at registration or through your driver profile on Motorsportreg. All drivers must be a minimum of 18 years old and have a valid drivers license (must present original, photo copies not accepted).

Requirements for HP Lapping Drivers:

Must have experience at the track of attendance and be signed off for solo
Must be minimum of 18 years old with a valid drivers license (present original)
Vehicle must be in good working condition, no fluid leaks, loose parts, missing body parts
NO Convertibles
Factory rollover must be structural, no "pop-up" bars accepted
MANDATORY morning drivers meeting (you will not be allowed on track if you do not attend)
No passengers allowed (private coaches with prior approval)
Long sleeve shirts, long pants, and proper driving shoes
Must have a race helmet.

Cost is $180 per driver/car. A maximum of 25 cars will be allowed in this group at any event.

Basic Tech Checklist:

Sound mechanical condition. No loose parts/pieces, nuts/bolts
Fluids filled - oil, water, transmission.
Good belts, hoses and BRAKES
3/32" minimum tire tread depth
Clean inside and out, including engine compartment
All loose items removed, including spare tire, jack, etc; Battery secured
Factory rollover protection allowed only if "structural" and
front windshield frame (A-pillars) are also structural
Factory "pop-up" roll-over protection is NOT acceptable and there will be no exceptions
Working seat belts in good condition (not frayed)